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New Safety Training Video: Know Your Ground

New Safety Training Video: Know Your Ground

Underground services include all underground pipes, cables and equipment associated with the electricity, gas, water and telecommunications industries.   Damage to such underground services can cause fatal or severe injury.


Know Your Ground”
addresses the essential aspects of working safely with underground services with tips drawn from several typical ground-working scenarios and includes new and essential advice relating to the use of locating devices such as the ground-penetrating radar and the ubiquitous CAT & GENNY.  This new programme also provides a general introduction to the use of safe digging technologies including pneumatic-excavation and hydro-excavation as an alternative to traditional
mechanical digging methods.


This programme is aimed at clients, designers, CDM co-ordinators, contractors, employers, owners and operators of underground services, managers and supervisors and others concerned with planning, organising and supervising work near such services.


This new programme is delivered on DVD video disc and is provided with a screen menu giving the user access to eight essential but separate chapters covering a range of safe working practices to be observed when working with underground services.  There is also a bonus track on the DVD containing an anecdotal storey based on a real life event  (The Real Impact) when a young man lost his life on his first day at work by accidentally coming into contact with a live electrical underground service.  A ‘Play All’ function allows the user to view all chapters sequentially with a total duration of approximately 34 minutes.


Sections include:

  • Introduction to working safely with underground services
  • The dangers
  • Planning
  • Abrasive wheel machines
  • Services locating devices
  • Safe digging
  • Damage to services
  • Safe backfilling
  • Bonus material – The Real Impact


The chapter headings and guidance follows and is fully compliant with the UK HSE guidance note HSG47 “Avoiding Danger from Underground Services”.


We involved the major companies & people who do this work all over the UK day in day out!“Know Your Ground” is an essential addition to any professional safety training library.


You can view more information on this video by clicking here.

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