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Plant Marshalling/ Banksman on Site - Take Control!

Plant Marshalling/ Banksman on Site - Take Control!

After Months of hard work Paragon Training is proud to announce the arrival of... Plant Mashalling/ Banksman on Site- Take Control! 13% of the 5,055 recorded Incidents in the construction industry are due to being Struck By Moving Vehicles. This number could easily be reduced By the use of this Excellent Safety DVD accompanied by the Final Review test papers to provide the best results for your Training Course or Tool Box Talk!


REMEBER: Pictures are worth a 1,000 Words Videos are worth 1,000,000.


Dont become the Statistic!


Every year, 50 people in the UK are killed in accidents involving transport in the workplace. Understanding how to move plant safely around a construction site and operate it in a way that minimises risk is fundamental to the prevention of accidents and deaths. The Plant Marshall is a vital member of any construction site team, and is instrumental in the safe movement of plant around the site.


‘Plant Marshalling - Banksman On Site, Take Control!’ is the latest DVD video release from Paragon Training (release date January 2018). It provides a general introduction to safe plant marshalling as well as detailed instruction on marshalling in different construction-site environments across the UK.  It addresses the essential need for pre-job risk assessment and takes the viewer through the important steps of safely planning and setting out Exclusion Zones, including the use of hand gestures to communicate with all members of the construction site team. 


This new programme is delivered on DVD video disc and comes with a screen menu giving the viewer access to four essential but separate sections.  A ‘Play All’ function allows the trainee to view all eight sections sequentially with a total duration of approximately 14 minutes. Sections include:


  • Introduction
  • Streetworks Sites
  • Greenfield Sites
  • Conclusion


The guidance given is based on current best practice, and follows all appropriate safety guidance.


‘Plant Marshalling - Banksman On Site, Take Control!’ is an essential addition to any professional safety training library

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