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H&S in Confined Spaces

H&S in Confined Spaces

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Health and Safety - Confined Spaces is a training video, produced for Thames Water, which takes a step-by-step look at the requirements of the Confined Spaces regulations.

These include:
Avoiding entry if it is practicable to do so
Identifying the hazards and assessing the risks
Establishing a safety system of work
Establishing emergency arrangements

The video shows how to avoid costly accidents by carrying out a risk assessment and implementing control measures. It describes permit to work systems to help minimise risks and outlines the elements of training for everyone involved in confined spaces operations.

The programme ends by reminding viewers what they should never do and what they should always do when working in confined spaces. It emphasises that failure to comply  with the regulations not only endangers the persons involved but can lead to criminal prosecution.

Health and safety - Confined Spaces is essential safety training for managers and employees who work in confined spaces.

Run Time: 25 minutes

Format = DVD

Language = English

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