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Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

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"Dealing with Difficult Behaviour"

In the office, there may be times when we are faced with difficult or aggressive behaviour.
In a workplace this can certainly increase stress, lower productivity and damage morale.


The LASSIE system is a highly effective way of dealing with difficult or aggressive behaviour.
Listen to the person Acknowledge their situation Separate the angry person Sit them down Indicate all options Encourage them to try one of the options
You should:

1. Make the difficult behaviour, not the difficult person, your focus.

2.  Stay in control of your emotions and reactions, don’t react to the behaviour, respond.

3.  Try to ignore the behaviour and concentrate on the complaint and solving the problem.

4.  When you respond with an ‘I’ message, be clear and assertive…deflect criticisms which are unimportant or make an enquiry, get the person to clarify exactly what their concerns are.

And remember LASSIE

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