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Slip, Trips & Falls

Slip, Trips & Falls

Slip, Trips & Falls

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"Slips, Trips & Falls"

Falls both from heights, and as a result of slips and trips, are a common cause of death and injury amongst workers. We tend to think of the danger of falls being related to working at heights. However trips over cords or material lying in aisle ways, slipping on wet or greasy surfaces, or tripping on stairs or uneven surfaces can also result in serious injury.

Injuries such as:

Sprains and strains

Broken bones

Back injuries

Cuts and burns

All workplaces have their share of slipping and tripping hazards but we often don't notice them. Why?

Because we have become so familiar with our particular work environment. We can help reduce slips, trips and falls in our workplace by identifying possible hazards. This can be done by consulting with fellow workers and supervisors, inspecting the workplace, and reviewing previous incident and injury reports.

We can avoid slips/trips and falls by making sure that:

Our work area is kept tidy and that passages or aisle ways are kept clear of obstructions

Checking the floor and ground for uneven surfaces 

Checking ladders and steps prior to use for damage or instability

 Being aware of where you have placed trolleys, tools and objects that could create hazards

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