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Confined Space Course Low/Med/High Risk

Confined Space Course Low/Med/High Risk

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Confined Spaces Training Course 


Confined spaces can be deadly. In 1997, the regulations were introduced in order to control industry and the self-employed.

It is now the law that if you are involved with entering, controlling or supervising people involved with confined space work you must have received training. Failure to comply with the 1997 Confined Space regulations can result in prosecution.

People are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces every year in the United Kingdom.  This includes a large number of people trying to rescue others without sufficient equipment or training.


In this Course you will learn:

  • Legislation, regulations and guidance
  • Confined space definition and classification
  • Risk assessment and workplace safety
  • Control measures - method statement and permit to work
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe access
  • Atmosphere testing
  • Gas detection and ventilation
  • Emergency planning
  • Personal hygiene and first aid requirements
  • Practical training

Low, Medium & High risk Available


Courses are offered at our training locations throughout the UK.


Cost will depend on the number of candidates. Please contact us for more information.


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