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Infection Control in the Workplace

Infection Control in the Workplace


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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, infection control in the workplace has become more important than ever.

Successful infection control is based on good hygiene around a range of practices that arise from identifying hazards and implementing risk management for those hazards.

This involves understanding:

  • the infectious agents
    • the work practices that prevent the transmission of infection in different settings
    • management systems that support effective work practices

Infectious agents can be spread by:

  • Touching contaminated objects
    • Skin to skin contact
    • Breathing in airborne germs emanating from, someone else’s cough or sneeze
    • Eating contaminated food and
    • Contact with bodily fluids

This training program details procedures to avoid any of the above as well as revealing some alarming truths around personal hygiene, especially hand washing.

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