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Manual Handling in Construction

Manual Handling in Construction

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"Manual Handling in Construction"

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Construction inspectors will be focussing on manual handling tasks, and in particular how the following items are lifted and moved:

• Kerbs
• Building blocks
• Panel products e.g. plasterboard
• Bagged aggregate
• Drainage products

A general introduction to manual handling safety and applies this to typical situations encountered in the construction industry. It addresses the essential aspects of safe manual handling with examples drawn from several typical working situations and includes advice on the selection and use of mechanical lifting aids, including brick lifters, kerb lifters, plasterboard lifters and trolleys.



This new programme is delivered on DVD/USB video disc and is provided with a screen menu giving the trainee access to eight essential but separate sections covering a wide range of manual handling safety topics. A ‘Play All’ function allows the trainee to view all eight sections sequentially with a total duration of approximately 11 minutes. Sections include:

• Introduction
• Think about it
• Load lifting guidelines
• Must it be handled?
• How to lift
• Mechanical aids
• Summary

The guidance given is compliant with the latest UK HSE published guidance on manual handling and fully supports HSE’s ‘Better Backs’ campaign.



Run Time = 12 Mins

Format = DVD / Download

Languages  = English

Comes with a free set of multiple-choice question & answer papers! 

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