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Offer to Help... A Guide to Banksman

Offer to Help... A Guide to Banksman

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“Offer to Help... A Guide For Banksman”

Essential for all organisations where reversing manoeuvres are an integral part of everyday

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This production covers a wide range of topics including:
 Common causes of accidents
 Advice and recommendations on reversing operations
 Identify areas of danger, risk and hazard when reversing vehicles
 Systems and equipment to aid reversing
 Training for banksmen to use the HSE code of safety signs and signals in guiding rigid and
articulated Vehicles in the workplace



Does your organisation have vehicles engaged in reversing manoeuvres?
Does your organisation have qualified banksmen to assist in these operations?
Does your organisation have suitable, current risk assessments, clear operating procedures and safe
systems of work?

Many organisations continue to ignore the risks and fail to provide basic control measures when
operating all types of vehicles in congested and busy workplaces.




Run Time = 20 Mins

Format = DVD / Download / USB

Languages  = English

Comes with a free set of multiple-choice question & answer papers! 

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