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Ladder Safety - The Essentials

Ladder Safety - The Essentials

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Updated and accredited by The Ladder Association.

“Ladder Safety - The Essentials” 

The essential aspects of ladder safety with tips drawn from a wide range of industries and wide variations of common ladder usage. 

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This new video covers a wide range of ladder safety topics including:
• The types of ladders available e.g. single section, extension and step ladders
• Ladder materials, e.g. aluminium, timber and fibreglass ladders
• Classes of ladders and weight limits
• Assessing the job prior to using a ladder
• Preparation of ladders before each use
• Common ladder accessories
• Carrying, erecting and lowering ladders
• Climbing a Ladder
• Ladder inspection and tagging
• The proper storage of ladders



The guidance given is fully compliant with the latest UK “Work at Height Regulations” due to introduced into UK law in the summer of 2004.




Run Time = 23 Mins

Format = DVD / Download

Languages  = English

Comes with a free set of multiple-choice question & answer papers! 

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