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Spills! A Lightning Guide to Spill Response

Spills! A Lightning Guide to Spill Response

DVD Format

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In just 15 minutes Spill! shows the essential steps to a rapid response. Knowing how to use a spill kit effectively in an emergency is vital for preventing pollution. The video contains guidance on:
• Basic spill kit contents
• Absorbent types
• How to lay socks and sausages
• Deploying booms on water
• Drain mats
• Absorption techniques
• Roping off

The video DVD includes examples and demonstrations and covers the following:
• Awareness of the risks
• Raising the alarms
• Identifying the spill
• Using the right Personal Protective Equipment
• Helping the injured
• Equipment and techniques for:
o Stopping the source
o Containment
• Notification
• Clean up
• Waste disposal
• Restocking

This is the programme every trainer and environment manager has been waiting for. It is ideal for the: chemical industry; construction sites; manufacturing; food and drink industry; transport companies; paper mills; laboratories; health sector… in fact wherever spillage is a risk – wherever there’s a spill kit – your workforce needs spill skills!



Run Time = 15 Mins

Format = DVD

Languages  = English


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