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An Extra Effort For Safety Sake: Safety Behaviour

An Extra Effort For Safety Sake: Safety Behaviour

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If safety is so important, why do accidents and injuries continue to occur? Government statistics estimate 5.7 million workplace injuries and illnesses occur annually with associated costs over $170 billion. This dynamic new program addresses a complex issue with a light touch and an important message. Everyone is responsible and accountable for safety. Whether a new employee, 20-year veteran, or plant manager, this program is ideal for everyone at your site. An Extra Effort for Safety Sake addresses the importance of safety, the financial and emotional impact accidents and injuries can have, why safety needs to be a part of every task performed, and best practices to prevent incidents from occurring at your site. Filmed in multiple locations, this program will have a positive and lasting impact on your safety culture and motivate all employees to incorporate safety into every task they perform to help create an accident free work environment.

Video Length:15 mins

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