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Food Hygiene Safety

Food Hygiene Safety

DVD Format

"Food Hygiene"

The Food Hygiene DVD is presented by Chef Brian Turner. We follow the exploits of Freddie 'fingers' Licker, the worst chef you have ever seen! Freddie shows how things in a restaurant, your works' kitchen or any food preparation area can go disastrously wrong if you do not follow strict health and safety and hygiene procedures. As Freddie gets things wrong, Brian Turner shows us what should have been done.

The DVD looks at:

• What happens if health and safety and hygiene procedures are not followed
• Practical tips on handling food
• How to store food correctly
• Facts and figures on food poisoning

This DVD is ideal for any company who that deals with food preparation as the main part of their business, or simply has a works' canteen - the message is still the same.  

Video Length:20 mins

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