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Lock, Stop And No Leaking Barrels

Lock, Stop And No Leaking Barrels

DVD Format

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The easy way to reduce the risk of prosecution by training your workforce with this short no-nonsense video.

Lock, Stop & No Leaking Barrels is a 'Lightning Guide' - 'no frills' programme designed for short workforce training sessions where time and resources are limited but risks are high.

It's essential viewing for site workforce, supervisors, contractors and temporary staff.

Lock, Stop and No Leaking Barrels has been produced to support training sessions with the objective of reducing the risk of pollution from the storage and handling of materials that could cause contamination of land or watercourses.

It's ideal for manufacturing, food and drink, chemical and construction industries that have on-site use or storage of potentially polluting materials.

Main content and training points
•The definition of controlled waters, legal protection and regulation
•The risks of pollution including prosecution, fines, court and clean-up costs
•Examples of pollutants and how pollution can occur
•The different kinds of drainage systems including surface storm water and foul With the additional descriptions of soakaways
•Risks of misconnections
•Drain identifications including red and blue, yellow fish, combined, direction of flow and numbering
•Definition of trade effluents and the risks to the sewage treatment works and sewerage system
•Vehicle washing and the risks to separators
•Examples of good and bad practice
•Description of bunds including double skinned tanks
•Protecting and covering temporary stockpiles
•Checking storage tank levels to prevent overspill and jetting
•The need for clear labelling
•Correct use of containers – including moving, handling and storage
•Use of drip trays
•Keeping spill kits at hand on both fixed and mobile plant
•And much more 

Video Length:16

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