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Safe Toolbox Series (5 Videos)

Safe Toolbox Series (5 Videos)

DVD Format

5 short films that adapt the SAFE "Hazard Control" Process: Access and Egress (6mins) –
Dust (6mins) - Noise (6mins) - Risk Assessment (4mins) - Haul Roads and Traffic Management (7mins).

Developed and produced by MAQOHSC SA (Mining and Quarrying OH&S Committee, South Australia)
and MAV Media, specifically for toolbox meetings. The SAFE "Hazard Control" Process has been
developed to help mining, quarrying and mineral resources processing workers, easily identify, assess and
control hazards, making the workplace safer for everyone. The SAFE Process is a very effective way to
control hazards, for any size operation. The SAFE Process involves 4 simple steps: SEE IT - Identify the hazards;
ASSESS IT - Calculate the risk; FIX IT - Control the hazard.; EVALUATE IT - Check the controls work.

EXTRAS: DVD purchase includes digital support materials on usb stick: Safe Hazard Control
report form, Risk Assessment table, SAFE poster, Hierarchy of Controls poster and SAFE scripts.

Video Length:29

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